Program Description

August 8th is the Regular and Team Deadline.  Teams need to have 13 Players with the Gender Requirements met by this Date.  Teams will begin having Free Agents Added to them or will be merged with other Small Teams beginning August 9th.


SKIP 9/3 for Labor Day

Understanding our Pricing Structure 

  1. Individual PricingOur Most Popular Option. A Team Captain signs up the Team just paying for him or herself and each player on the Team is responsible for paying themselves through Team Links at $49 per person. This Option helps our awesome Team Captains not have to worry about collecting Money, which we know is a major hassle sometimes!
  2. Free Agents / Small Groups - $49 per person. Just select the Free Agent (if by yourself) or the Small Group (if with a friend or three) Options after clicking “Register “above.

All Players, who play in any game(s), MUST be registered with that individual League, have paid the League Fee, and have signed our Online Waiver to Participate in ALL Everplay Columbia Sports!  If "illegal players" are found, there are gameplay penalties. (See League Rules)

**Only single-wall aluminum bats with the ASA Stamp Certification are permitted.  Wood bats, baseball bats, and multi-wall bats are strictly prohibited.  (NOTE: The League is the final authority on bat legality, if you have a question regarding bats email us at [email protected]. Also, the ASA Stamp logo on the bat doesn't automatically make the bat legal since ASA approves composite and multi-wall bats that are illegal in this league). Click here for a List of Bats for Play.  FOR MONDAY SOFTBALL, WE USE A REDUCED FLIGHT SOFTBALL THAT IS SOFTER AND MUSHIER THAN NORMAL SOFTBALLS DUE TO FIELD AND THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE, AND KIDS, OUTSIDE OF THE FENCES.

Other League Tid Bits: 

  • Co-Ed, Over-21 Play (At least 4 of Each Gender on Teams Required)
  • Game Times are between 6 and 9pm (dependent on the amount of Teams the League has).
  • Winners will receive Free Beer and Money donated to a Charity of their Choice.
  • Official Everplay Sport & Social Club T-Shirt (your uniform for the season!)
  • 7 Scheduled Games + Playoffs for Qualifying Teams - Teams Might have Scheduled Doubleheaders in Season.
  • At least 1 Independent Umpire for each game (no player reffing!)
  • For additional Questions you might have check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Sponsor Bars Please Drink Responsibly!

Tin Roof - 1022 Senate St, Columbia, SC 29201

$7 Bud Light Pitchers and $6 Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

Drinking at City of Columbia, Lexington County, or Richland County Parks is Illegal.

Program Details
Official Rules: Softball Rules
Location: West Columbia - Howard Park
Registration Dates:

Now — Aug 8, '18 Regular & Team Deadline

Aug 9, '18 — Sep 10, '18 Captain's Invite Only (Late)

Max Teams:18
Team Roster:13 Players Minimum, at least 4 of each gender. No Maximum.
First Game Date:Monday, August 27, 2018
Last Game Date:Monday, October 29, 2018
Postseason Format:Top 5 teams
Individual Price: Regular & Team Deadline $49.00Captain's Invite Only (Late) $59.00 (See Refund Policy)
Team Price: Regular & Team Deadline $49.00 per personCaptain's Invite Only (Late) $59.00 per person (See Refund Policy)
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